Welcome to the new EALPC blog. This will enable Fr Peter and members to post articles that may be of interest to Choir members. It may also be possible to add comments. The blog can incorporate images, videos and audio files as well as text. In the first instance, if you would like to add a post, please contact Patrick.

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Schola Gregoriana videos

Iain Simcock, Director of the Schola Gregoriana of Cambridge, has been releasing various videos illustrating the work of the Schola, with a view to promoting its work and some of the CDs that have bee

The '0' Antiphons: blog by Fr Peter

What are the ‘O Antiphons? And why give time to singing them in our zoom practices.? The seven O Antiphons are so called because each one begins with a title of the Messiah preceded by the exclamatio

St.John Paul II feast today, and “Neumz”.... This is a very good site which is worth exploring! The nuns of Jouques in France have agreed to record EVERYTHING in the Gregorian cha