Welcome to the new EALPC blog. This will enable Fr Peter and members to post articles that may be of interest to Choir members. It may also be possible to add comments. The blog can incorporate images, videos and audio files as well as text. In the first instance, if you would like to add a post, please contact Patrick.


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Caecilienvereinsorgan (C.O.)

I was researching what the mysterious (for me - you will probably all know what it is!!) C.O. represents, so often quoted by Dom Johner, and this is what came up! The beautiful Alleluia we‘ll be pract

Some thoughts on the Offertory

Recently I was talking with Fr Richard, a priest in a neighbouring parish who loves plainchant. We wondered what chant can be sung at the Offertory at Sunday mass if for various reasons it is difficul


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